persona film produces educational films, ethnographic documentaries and online courses. We strive to get close to the human experience and show strength, frailty and humanity.


Our educational films examine ways to tackle challenges and are always based on the latest knowledge and research. Visual communication is a powerful form of communication. We put ourselves thoroughly into the area we are dealing with and help to communicate the right message through sound and image. Always with respect and empathy for the people we portray and always in close cooperation with professionals: researchers, teachers, educators, psychologists, doctors, etc.

Our productions can help to spark a process, start new practices, start a debate and provide insights. Mette Bahnsen is responsible for the production of persona film educational films.


Ethnographic films are intended for a small, specialized audience. It is about using the film medium as an academic language to describe, analyse, intervene and generate new knowledge of human life. Film can bring us close to the human experience in ways that are almost impossible in ordinary academic articles.

At the same time, ethnographic film is a platform for dialogue between researchers and the people they study, who are always the co-creators of the analytic product. Since cinematic analysis starts as soon as you turn on the camera, film provides a unique insight in the actual creation of anthropological knowledge. Christian Suhr is responsible for the production of persona film ethnographic films.


persona film delivers web-based online courses with high-quality digital content that can be put into practice and generate change. Always in collaboration with leading researchers and professionals. Our mission and vision is to make knowledge easily accessible in a flexible format that can help the online student in acquiring new skills. Online learning has many opportunities and benefits. You can structure and organize your own training, and not having to physically attend classes helps to save time.

You always have the option to return to the content, and you can take the course again after a few years or as needed. The price is often less than a quarter of what a traditional course costs. Mette Bahnsen is responsible for the production of persona film online courses.

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