The first documentary I made was the portrait film “Jutta Ravn”, which is about a tough farm woman and a tractor that won’t start. Watch the movie here. My work since then includes organising the film “Openness Strengthens – about schizophrenia in the family”, which has been used for psychoeducation throughout the entire country. In 2008 I made a training DVD in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and have since produced several movies about mindfulness in cooperation with leading mindfulness researchers from all over the world – find out more here.

I have many ideas for movies I’d like to do in the future. For example, a film about premature babies, how to best support sensitive children, about dialogue in daycare, infant therapy, sand play and theraplay. About psychoeducation in depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, etc. Contact me if you require a film in these areas or have a completely different idea. I graduated with a MA in Nordic languages and film studies from Aarhus University.



My first documentary was “Want a Camel, Yes?” about the camel drivers at the pyramids in Egypt (see the movie here). Since then, I have directed the award-winning ethnographic film “Unity through Culture” (with Ton Otto, DER 2011) and “Ngat is Dead” (with Ton Otto and Steffen Dalsgaard, DER 2009). In 2013, I edited the book “Transcultural Montage” (with Rane Willerslev, Berghahn 2013). I have also published a number of articles on visual anthropology, spiritual obsession, and psychiatry. My current film and research project focuses on traditional forms of healing in Egypt.