An ethnographic film, 58 min.

The suspension of verbal and perceptive judgment, the suspension of conceptual superimpositions on lived experience, is the common ground of both phenomenology and meditative practice. But how does one suspend judgment? How does it feel? What kinds of understanding of ourselves and our relation to others and to the world may unfold through this particular operation?

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Islamic exorcism or psychotropic medication? “Descending with Angels” is a feature-length etnographic documentary exploring two highly different solutions to the same problem: namely Danish Muslims who are possessed by invisible spirits, called jinn.



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Mette Bahnsen

I am responsible for the daily operation of persona film and since 2001 have produced documentaries and educational films. I make films about subjects of concern to me and which I think are important to explore, for example: mental health and mindfulness, children’s language development and psychoeducation. I am responsible for idea development, fundraising, organisation of work, recordings, editing – pretty much all of it. Always in close cooperation with leading researchers and experts in the field.

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Christian Suhr

I am an anthropologist and film director and I am employed as Assistant Professor at the School of Culture and Society, University of Aarhus. Due out soon with film-monograph “Descending with Angels” on Islamic exorcism and Danish psychiatry, based on 18 months of field work with Muslim patients, exorcists and psychiatrists in Denmark. A special aspect of my film projects is that I largely use film as a method for getting close to human experience. Film can bring us close to human emotions and senses in ways that are almost impossible in the traditional academic idiom.

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