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Mette Bahnsen


Since 2001 I have produced educational documentaries. I graduated with a MA in Nordic languages and film studies from Aarhus University.

Whether film should disseminate research, create debate or be pure poetry, I love to work with the narrative and visual structures. I have produced a film about schizophrenia ” and have good experience in doing interviews on sensitive topics. The film has been used in psychoeducation in Denmark.

In 2007, I made a DVD on mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). I try wherever possible to connect my personal development with my film work and whether it is film about mindfulness, Camel drivers, Danish as a second language or relational competence, I always take something with me.

Right now I’m working on two new projects on mindfulness. One about mindfulness and bodily distress, in collaboration with psychiatrist and mindfulness researcher Lone Fjorback and another project supported by the Danish Ministry of Education on Mindfulness in preschool and kindergarten, which is intended primarily for educators. See a selection of the films I’ve produced here.


Christian Suhr

I am an anthropologist and filmmaker. My ongoing PhD and film project ‘Descending with Angels’ explores how Muslims in Denmark experience divine healing. The project examines both how Danish Muslims are provided different forms of healing by psychiatric system and various types of Islamic exorcism.

In my ethnographic documentaries I am relying heavily on the use of video as a way to get close to human experience. Video allows access to human emotion and sensation in ways that are almost impossible in traditional academic writing. My thesis therefore consists of a combination of written and cinematic material, exploiting the qualities of both forms of expression.

Previously, I have directed the award-winning film “Unity Through Culture” (RAI 2011, with Ton Otto), “Ngat is Dead” (DER 2009, with Ton Otto and Steffen Dalsgaard) and “Want a Camel, Yes” (persona films 2006). See a selection of the films I’ve produced here.